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MARINA LABS is continuously involved in providing internships, short term and long term training, diplomas and projects for Bachelors and Masters students from Science and Engineering backgrounds. The students are exposed to complete hands-on training with occasional outdoor sampling trips wherein the students are inducted with the knowledge of sample collection and sample storage techniques. Further, they are bestowed with the knowledge of enjoying research in real time.

List of Workshops organized
  • 1st National Workshop on Aerobiology and Avionics
  • 2nd National Workshop on Herbal Technology
  • 3rd National Workshop on Nanotechnology
  • 4th National Workshop on Bioremediation (In association with TBI- Vel Tech Technical University)
  • 5th National Workshop on Analytical techniques in Quality Control
Diplomas offered
  • Diploma in Aerobiology
  • Diploma in Herbal Technology
  • Diploma in Mycology
  • Diploma in Laboratory Quality Control
  • Diploma in Marine Biotechnology
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology